PDF Split and Merge–免費PDF分割/合併工具,可以將多個PDF檔合併成單一檔案,切割的功能方面,可以設定從第幾頁後開始切割出來、每隔N頁自動切割、切割出偶數頁/奇數頁...等等,程式開放原始碼,使用Java程式撰寫,可跨平台支援各種作業系統。

系統需求:Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

pdfsam basic is a simple tool designed to split and merge pdf files. It’s very simple, stable and completely free. It should cover most of your needs. With it’s simple and intuitive interface you can:

* split your pdf documents (into chapters, single pages, etc.).
* merge many pdf documents or subsections of them.
* exctract sections of your document into a single pdf document.

Baisc version is free and you can download and simply use it on every platform with a Java support.


0.7sr1 免安裝中文版:[載點一] [載點二]

[教學] [Windows找不到檔案或項目'javaw.exe'?]



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