EssentialPIM–可攜式行事曆軟體,如果用不慣好用的線上版Google Calendar,又嫌棄Rainlendar太陽春!那麼這一套的實用性應該更強一些!擁有更多元的匯入/匯出功能,除了必備的 *.ics 支援外,連通訊錄都可以拿來玩(CSV、WAB、VCF 檔),還有網頁輸出功能,軟體功能有:今日EPIM、行事曆、待辦表、記事本、通訊錄。

What is EssentialPIM?
PIM stands for Personal Information Manager, and it allows you to keep all your information in electronic form. All your appointments, tasks, to do lists, notes, contacts and email messages are stored in a graphical and easily accessible form.

New in EssentialPIM 3.01 (Pro & Free)
* Added: Option to create a new mail message from File->New
* Improved: more space for some dialog windows in order to better fit translations in
* Fixed: Problem with columns not being shown in Mail module for some databases initially created in the previous version of EssentialPIM
* Fixed: Moving fields up/down under the Business tab in Contacts
* Fixed: Incorrect behavior when clicking on Apply in Options after selecting modules to be hidden/visible
* Fixed: A small glitch with time selection for appointments in Schedule
* Fixed: No more Registry entries for the Portable edition
* Fixed: Showing/hiding of private appointments in Schedule via Ctrl+L shortcut





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